Curious what working for an automation company is like as a human employee?

Check out the video below where VCC team member Taylor discusses how her job has evolved thanks to automation.

What you should know about us

Venture Creative Collective

Our business engine runs on mixed fuel: automation and people.

We take hiring the right people very seriously because our team is super important to us.
 A brilliant team is crucial to the growth of any business.

We believe that great people are at the core of every great business, including ours.

The kind of businesses we work with – the kind who do great work for their own clients – expect to work with a stellar team. That is why we take hiring so seriously.

What you should know about what we do for our clients

Venture Creative Collective specializes in helping 6+ figure businesses to earn more money and save time by:

〉Automating their sales & admin processes
〉Turning their website from expense to sales machine
〉Protecting their websites from hackers and keeping it in Google’s good books 

If you want to know more about us, we suggest starting by exploring our website and Facebook page.

Our clients expect a quick response time. In that spirit, we suggest submitting your application without delay.

We’re hiring an uber awesome Remote eCommerce Assistant!

If you’re a hyper organized, detail obsessed self starter we want you on our team!

Does that sound like you?

Here’s what you need to know if you want this job…

  • You can grow with us and build a stellar career. There is a lot to learn in this role, so you will start with managing 1 store, which is about 5 hours of work/week. As you prove yourself, you will take on managing more stores. You can work up to this being a full time role in as little as 1 month.
  • You do not need to have a background in Website Design or eCommerce Softwares.
  • You can live anywhere as long as you’re available for work during regular business hours in the eastern standard time zone.
  • You can expect to start between $15.00 – $18.00/hour CAD.

You’ll be ridiculously well suited to this job if:

  • You love details.
  • Your friends and family describe you as dependable and reliable.
  • You can’t stand to be late.
  • You hate it when other people let you down.
  • You are a natural at taking piles of information and distilling it down to actionable steps with measurable results.
  • You find time management comes naturally. You love to organize what needs to be done and you delight in crossing things off your “to do” list.
  • You’re a big team player; you’re willing to do what needs to get done even if it isn’t in your so-called job description because you care about the team doing well (plus you love the challenge of learning new things).
  • You have no problem being insistent and persistent, follow up is your middle name, even when it comes to your boss.
  • If you see a better way to do something you can’t wait to share it with others.
  • You care more about fixing a problem than assigning blame.
  • You don’t need anyone looking over your shoulder to make sure your work gets done.
  • You’re capable of working from home and don’t need regular in person face-time with your coworkers to feel like part of a team.
  • You love learning new systems and processes.
  • You care about people and building relationships.

Wondering what the nitty gritty of the job includes?

  • Implementing sales strategies on eCommerce websites. This will involve following instructions exceedingly well, and keeping your finger on the pulse of sales patterns, customer behaviour, and performance – the smallest changes can have big impacts. (If you are not already familiar with the eCommerce platforms we use, that is okay! If you are exceptionally strong at following instructions, you will succeed.)
  • Reporting key metrics and creating formal reports on eCommerce sales (Paying close attention to patterns and trends will be important.)
  • Updating inventory as new stock comes in.
  • Monitoring for error codes and reporting any issues to the senior developer right away.
  • Reordering products as items sell out. (Following the specific guidelines for the eCommerce store you are working on is extremely important.)
  • Cropping and editing images as needed.
  • Monitoring sales every day, and reporting to senior members of the team when they are above or below expectations for the day.
  • Think “Jack-of-all-trades” – we have a promote from within company structure and are a small team, so you can expect to be cross trained on many different tasks as you role grows within the company.

Does this sound like the perfect fit for you? Then let’s talk!

Send Kelly an email that answers the following questions (and anything else you want us to know) and your resume to

  • If chosen, when are you able to commence a part-time role?
  • What skills would make you a great fit for Venture Creative Collective?
  • What part of this specific job speaks to you?
  • How did you hear about this job?
  • Attention to detail is extremely important in this role. How do you ensure quality in your work when there are tight deadlines? Have you ever had to sacrifice quality to meet a deadline?

All questions about the position are to be directed to Kelly at

Top candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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