How much does a website cost?

That depends.

What goals are you trying to reach with your website? What expectations do you have of your website developer?

The price of a website will reflect the value of the website itself, and of the people building it. 

For example, think about transportation. If you simply require a vehicle that will get you 20km into a nearby town every day, purchasing an Aston Martin would not be a wise choice. Your goal is short-distance transportation, which is easily met with a 2002 Honda Civic. The value you expect is fairly low.

If your goal was, instead, to beat the record at your local speedway, or to derive as much pleasure as possible from every single drive – the Aston would meet that goal, and would therefore become a more logical choice. If speed means nothing to you, and will not help you achieve your goals, then the Aston brings no additional value.

Most professional website developer’s price their services based on value, not cost. Thus the price of your website depends on what kind of value you expect to receive from it.

What is your goal, and what expectations do you have?

Low Value Website

If your goal is simply to have a functioning website because you’ve been told you need to have something, you can easily find a newbie starting out who will do your website for cheap or free to use in their portfolio. The only value you expect is for your potential customers to see that you have a website, period.

If you are fine communicating after regular business hours or on weekends, a part-time freelancer who is building websites on the side might suit your needs, and might charge $1000. The only value you expect is for your potential customers to see that you have a website, and that it looks acceptable.

High Value Website

If you need a web presence that is designed well and branded to your company, and you need it within a defined timeline, an agency that charges a few thousand dollars might suit your needs. They may outsource some of their work to freelancers (foreign or domestic), but there will be far more focus on the actual design and branding if the website because the extra cost means there is time in the budget to dedicate to that. The value you expect is a website that looks pleasing, and works as a small part of your overall sales strategy.

If you expect a higher conversion rate from your website, a more experienced agency that charges $5,000- $15,000 might suit your needs. They likely do far more in-house rather than outsource, and will be able to invest far more time into the conversion theory and development side of your website.

Highest Value Website

If you want your website to be a silent sales partner, actively converting users to customers at a higher-than-average rate, that elevates your company’s brand, is memorable, consistently one of the top search results, and stands out aesthetically and functionally – a highly experienced agency that charges $15,000-$25,000 will suit your needs.

If you also want your website to be a sales machines that not only draws in your ideal client, but employ custom automation to guide these leads through the sales process, without having to employ a human sales person until the lead is actually ready to buy – an agency that charges $25,000+ will suit your needs.

So, how much does a website cost? There is no fixed cost.
To determine what your website will cost, you first need to determine what value you expect from it when it is complete. 

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