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Outclassed has been involved with Free Your V since day 1. From website design, to branding discussions, to social media, Outclassed has been part of each step. This included group through our business planning program and providing one-on-one Social Media of Business Lessons. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was preformed across the board, in order to increase the visibility the website on Google. Free Your V’s editor also received one-on-one SEO lessons, so she could continue doing the SEO for Free Your V herself.

“What does “Free Your V” mean? It means we were tired of websites that talked down to us about sex, that showed us sex positions we’re 110% certain would only cause us to pull a muscle, and that didn’t discuss the things we actually want to talk about (like getting a boob job, or if vaginal wipes actually work, or what it’s like to be an escort, or porn that doesn’t involve facials). We wanted to “free” ourselves from those kinds of sites, and embrace our sexuality on a site that was by women, for women. Except… that site didn’t exist. We searched and searched, but in the haystack of the internet, there was no needle. So, “Free Your V” was born.”

To check out their website, click here!

If you’re looking for someone to develop your website with great SEO so you will show up high on Google, you want Michelle Weger and Outclassed! She is super talented, but also a very giving person (she is the definition of a LWL gal in that sense!). Her area of expertise is helping disabled people to grow a business so they don’t have to struggle with a normal job.

BUT Outclassed also makes stunning, functional AND affordable websites with killer SEO for us normal business people too! I love this gal and everything she does in her business…. there is no one else I would ever recommend for websites or SEO.

Free Your V


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