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“I ended up with an amazing, well-developed brand and website that I love (and that potential customers will also love!). A big thanks to the team at vcc!”


Mathieu Dazé has been repairing vehicles from race cars to minivans since age 17 (including vcc’s owner’s Aston Martin), receiving a steady stream of referrals from happy clients. However, as word of mouth spread with exponential speed of Mathieu’s skill and honesty, he realized he needed to establish a brand and web presence to match his extensive experience. 

Context + challenges

Mathieu approached | venture creative collective | to help him create a completely new brand identity, from start to finish.

Mathieu no longer wanted to rely on word of mouth referrals from existing clients. He needed a company name, brand, logo, and web presence that reflected his exceptional skillset and would immediately communicate his worth to clients unfamiliar with his name.

With no existing online presence, search-engine optimization would be key to ensuring Mathieu’s new brand would be easily discovered in a saturated search niche. As most users search for and contact automotive shops on their mobile devices, a design built for mobile would also be key.


Establishing the Ideal Client

In close discussion with Mathieu, the vcc team created an ideal client profile, to ensure all subsequent branding would appeal to such a client.

Website and Copy

Mathieu’s ideal client wants information immediately available with minimal effort, so a one-page scrolling design – especially well-suited to mobile devices – was the most logical choice.

Combining a slick, professional aestethic with snappy, honest copy and clear call-to-action requests keeps the web presence high-level and appealing.

Branding and Logo

After gathering infomation about Mathieu’s style preferences and ‘must haves’ through vcc Brand Exploration Guide, we created a new visual brand identity. Thematic colours and fonts bring the medical association full circle: turquoise is grounded yet creative, reminiscent of a doctor’s scrubs, and coral implies tempered passion – and is indirectly associated with red, the colour of the heart.

The logo combines vehicular and medical motifs in a clever and unique format, and several versions were created for various uses, including signage.


Focusing in on Mathieu’s precision and diagnostic ability, we created a play on words with the initials “MD” – which stand both for Mathieu Daze and medical doctor (not only a beneficial association, but also an industry of the ideal client).

search engine optimization

In-depth search engine optimization was conducted to ensure MD Auto Care could be quickly located by busy professionals.

The Result

A brand new brand identity, logo, and web presence built specifically to attract the ideal client of mechanic Mathieu Dazé’s exceptional skillset.

Mathieu Daze

Owner, MD Auto Care

| venture creative collective | made me feel very comfortable at the way the project would move forward right from the beginning. It was clear what I could expect, and when. I didn’t have any idea how to brand my business, but they asked all the right questions on their custom online questionnaire, and got right down to the heart of who I am and what I offer. They did everything, top to bottom: colors, fonts, writing, logo, website. It all was put together to say exactly what my brand needs to say to the people who should see it. The team was always right there when I needed them, responding quickly to everything I sent (even if it was beyond the services they were doing for me).

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