NAPS: Narcolepsy Awareness Programs & Services
NAPS was founded to increase awareness of Narcolepsy, through education and the creation of locally based services. They are the only registered Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporation advocacy group specializing in Narcolepsy in Canada.

Prior to vcc’s involvement, NAPS had no website and no social media presence. The first step was for vcc to design and execute the official website for NAPS: Narcolepsy Awareness Programs and Services. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was taken into account across the board, so that the website would rank well on Google.

In addition to the website, | venture creative collective | created and marketed a Facebook page for NAPS. In less than a year vcc’s strategic social media plan has increased Facebook engagement to the point where NAPS has more followers than any other Narcolepsy group on Facebook; including those that have existed for decades.

When I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy over a decade ago, what I most wanted to know was that I wasn’t alone. More than anything, I wished for a support group or an organization of people I could turn to who knew the trials and tribulations of a life with a serious sleep disorder. Sadly, there were no organizations in Canada that offered any help at the time.

After many years of contemplation and what I see as a twist of fate, I met Michelle Weger of Outclassed INC. She encouraged and helped me to make the life-changing decision to start a not-for-profit, which I eventually named NAPS: Narcolepsy Awareness Programs and Services. Michelle was indispensible in quickly growing our online presence as well as setting up the business, employing her SEO skills, implementing our website design and build, keeping engaged with social media and much more. She not only provided these services professionally and in a timely manner, she also motivated me to help me turn my dream into reality.

With a fair amount of hard work and a little luck, we’ve been growing steadily over the past year with many achievements – including awareness milestones and funding. None of this would have been possible without Outclassed and the woman behind it. NAPS will always be grateful for her contributions.

Becky Bodnar

Founder, NAPS: Narcolepsy Awareness Programs and Services

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