QNX Maserati for CES 2015

Corporate design · Logo design · Web application · Web design

Instrumental to the delivery of the CES 2015 demonstrator vehicles

• Integrated the off the shelf Axis P Series cameras
• Developed the HMI overlay for the mirrors
• Integrated the Lidar CAN connected device
• Optimized the CAN driver and libraries
• Assisted in hardware integration in the Maserati and Jeep
• Architected the obstacle avoidance system (OAS) communication protocol
• Developed the OAS integration components (turn signal, e-horizons, lidar)
• Assisted in the software packaging and deployment management

CES 2015 Booth Presenter
• Presented Jeep and Maserati demonstrations to Industry Executives
• Articulated the advantages of QNX and the Car platform to Press, OEMs, Tier 1 Customers, Industry Affiliates and Analysts

People on project: Nabil Ould-Brahim

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