Ryan Hodgins Real Estate

Ryan Hodgins is an Ottawa, Canada based real estate agent who specializes in helping young adult first time home buyers. Ryan was referred to us by a long time client of the | venture creative collective | team.

It was clear from the initial consult that Ryan needed a strikingly modern, photo heavy website with all of the content on a single gorgeous page. However, he did not have any established branding. Using our branding expertise, members of the | venture creative collective | team worked with Ryan to select colors and fonts which fit his vision, while including the Sutton Ottawa Real Estate branding that Ryan was legally required to include on his website.

The final product is modern, polished, and image-heavy; the layout and overall aesthetic resonates strongly with the younger clientele that Ryan specializes in.

See Ryan’s website.

“Michelle was referred to me by a friend and was exactly what I was looking for!

Like most people breaking out in a new business there is a budget for everything, and a new web page was no different.

went to meet with Michelle for a consultation, and right away I could tell she was going to be able to produce exactly what I was looking for! Not only was I confident in her ability, but I really loved the way she set the ball in motion. I, like her, always have an initial consultation with any new prospective clients to get a feel for the person, and in turn, it helps the client get a feel for me and what they want out of my service! Michelle and I sat down, the consultation only took about a half an hour, and when we were all finished, I knew, that she knew, exactly what I needed in a webpage!

As you can see, the finished product looks beautiful, clean and professional, and what you will not see, but I can attest for, is how much she knew what I was looking for, in a webpage, after our consultation meeting! The process to get the page looking like I wanted was easy, and I couldn’t have been given a better outcome! The webpage perfectly represents me, my business and the way that I want to be projected to others, in this real estate world!

She NAILED it and was more than within my budget!

Thanks Michelle!”

Ryan Hodgins

Real Estate Agent

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