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Project Overview
TH Concrete

“In only a couple of months this app has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars and too much of my time to count.”


Chasing down employee hours before payroll was proving to be a big time waster for Travis Holmes of TH Concrete. Time wasted verifying hours and overpaying employees was becoming an extreme biweekly expense.

Context + challenges

With large crews in different location across the Ottawa area, Travis needed an efficient way for his foreman to track when employees started and finished work, from any location.

Travis was not pleased with existing time tracking apps on the market (or their monthly subscription fees!), so he approached | venture creative collective | to develop a customized software system for his company.

solution + results

The team at | vcc | created a user-friendly web-based application that allows employees to be clocked in and out by designated foreman, run customized time sheets and reports, and maintain an active employee database.

Now Travis can spend more of his valuable time continuing to grow his business!

In the first few months the custom software vcc made for TH Concrete, thousands of dollars in overpayments were saved. This trend has been continuing in subsequent months.

Travis Holmes

Owner, TH Concrete

The app developed by the team at | venture creative collective | has so far saved me thousands and thousands of dollars and too much of my time to count. It has been a godsend to say the least! None of the existing apps really did what I needed them to do, and the idea of being a slave to a monthly subscription didn’t sit right with me. This has worked out much better! Thanks to the team for their patience with my constant tweaks and requests and for quick turn-around.


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