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Maintaining a thriving educational service business requires many moving parts.

On-boarding new students and tutors, sending and tracking emails, and assessing tutors and students on an ongoing basis are all crucial, and time-consuming back-end functions. At The Open Door, multiple team members were completing these processes manually – between constant back-and-forth emails, shared Google Docs, and a third-party “tutor” application with an expensive price tag, things were getting increasingly complicated and ultimately hindering growth. When administrators and tutors alike were spending more time ensuring contracts were signed and assessments were completed, founder Heather knew something had to change.

The automation team at | venture creative collective | was brought on to identity areas of the business process that could be automated, and to implement those automation strategies so Heather’s team could do more valuable work.

The first step was a thorough Automation Audit. The team at vcc evaluated Heather’s processes; identifying areas where automation could improve efficiency and reduce error and delineating the scope of what that automated processes would look like. It quickly became clear that many of the processes Heather described could easily be automated through a branded custom portal, with both a student and administrative side.

The project was broken out into stages that would allow Heather to begin using a minimum viable version of her new portal as quickly as possible, so she could phase out the cumbersome manual processes. Each stage added an additional level of functionality, strategically building on the previous stage so any small errors could be corrected with ease. New processes can continually be added, as required.

A Selection of Features


Online applications for new tutors and students, with easy progression to next steps.


Automated contract generation and acceptance, photo and bio uploading, and set-up of new tutors.


Automatic tutor training delivery and training level tracking, including videos and assessments, so tutors are progressed through required training at appropriate times.


Material tracking so tutors can sign out educational materials and administrators can quickly track where materials are.


Student waitlist, with automatic email functions to alert available tutors to new student requests.


Scheduling integrations for both students and tutors.

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